A little Bit about Mr Steele

In this Video I explain a lot about my life and the paths I took to end up where I am today.

Name: Steele Davis
AGE: 27
Home: Atlanta, GA
Favorite Color: Yellow

Formal Education
University of North Georgia – BS Engineering Degree
Lanier Technical College – Electronics Engineering Degree
NOLS Wilderness School – Wilderness First responder
FAA Part 107 Certificate holder FCC
HAM Radio Operator Technician

Epic Things/Places I have flown

The Great Wall of China Being, China
Stairway to Heaven – Oahu, Hawaii
The Abandoned city of Prypyat, Ukraine. Inside the exclusion zone the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
Duga 1 Chernobyl, Ukraine
World largest airplane Antonov 225
UpWood Abandoned Royal Air Force base UK
Joe Nall 2017 3D Fight Line, Martin Pickering’s Extra

The Forbidden City, China
English Abbey, Near London, UK
South Six Shooter MOAB, UTAH
SkyDive Dubai, World Drone Prix
Abandoned Mall Mexico City, Mexico

• Drone Nationals 2015 – Fastest Lap Record by Mr. Steele in Sacramento CA

• F3Expo 2015 – 1st Runner Up ‘Masters of Freestyle’ showdown in the Georgia Dome

• World Drone Games 2015 – 1st Runner Up FPV Freestyle/LOS Dubai UAE

Mr. Steele, FinalGlide Aus, and Umagawd interviewed on CNN
Mr. Steele, FinalGlide Aus, and Umagawd interviewed on CNN

I also really enjoy Rock Climbing